The Light

It glows like a firework within the night. But its not really there, only when we are lonely it reaches out to us. I can see it is other peoples eyes sometimes. When I’m alone. With only umbrella to stop the rain and darkness but then someone walks past. And their eyes light everything up, […]

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Doctor Who/The Dead Planet

Doctor Who, The Dead Planet, Series One, Episode Five. And here we go once again, hope you all have been having a great week but lets get busy. The Dead Planet starts of with the Doctor and his companions in the Tardis, from where they have just escaped the Cavemen. The episode starts of with […]

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Doctor Who/The Fire Maker

The Fire Maker, series one, episode four. First we start with a nice snap shot of Ian’s dramatic face, when he sees the cavemen who have teleported there somehow. I’m sorry but I’m not going to believe they were able to get there before them in a couple of seconds. Just no. Instead of turning […]

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Doctor Who/The Forest Of Fear

The Forest Of Fear, Series One, Episode Three This episode starts of with the Doctor and his companions trapped in the Cave Of Skulls. All the skulls in the room have been split open. The moon is dark as it cuts to the creepy old women who I still don’t know what her name is, […]

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Doctor Who REVIEW

I have long been a fan of Doctor Who. Though I have to say recently I have gotten out of watching it and I have never watched the classic’s so I am going to start at the very beginning and review each episode in order. Here we go. Old Pilot, An Unearthly Child, Season One, […]

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Familiar Strangers

When you are working at a till many stranger come and go yet always, always despite sometimes never having met them before they are familiar. “Good morning sir” I think you remind me of a friend I used to know, he eat and he eat and soon I know he would explode, yet it never […]

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The Crazy Crumpet Poem

Buzzing Bumbling Bees  Grumpy Gripping Grapes  Sappy Sad Sausage Mouthful Mad Marmite  Cold Careful Carrots  Jumpy Jiggly Jeans  Funny Figgie Football  Hungry Hassling Hair.  Crumbling Crazy Crumpet  Its A Mad World 

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